Warm and soft to the body hoodie made of high-quality cotton with fleece lining. The spacious main pocket hides several small pockets inside for change, keys or phone. Loose fit allows you to stay active even in cool weather. Character is Ichigo Kurosaki from the anime Bleach. Every day Kurosaki Ichigo has to defend his city from the invasion of the Void. But it's not the enemy lurking in a dark alley that's scary, it's the one lurking in the depths of your soul. Here is the main character and the place of the fiercest battle, because what could be more difficult than to enter the battle with the inner demon that feeds on your fears, and come out the winner? To confront the dark side of his soul to gain a lot of confidence. But where does it come from? At the very least, you should start by putting on a limited edition black hoodie, in which the protagonist of the anime BLEACH has already curbed his dark side. Production time from 30 days.