Black limited edition hoodie based on the Hellsing universe. The hoodie is dedicated to the main character of the anime, Alucard. Alucard is the oldest and strongest of all vampires, whose name reads "Dracula" in reverse. During his long life he managed to drink thousands of liters of human blood and watched human culture and history unfold live. But after hundreds of years and dozens of epochs he was tired of hunting the blood of weak humans, so he became a weapon in their hands against his own kind. A characteristic feature of each vampire is a refined sense of style, which together with their hypnotic charm, allows them to charm their unsuspecting victims. But fashions change and long capes with a stand-up collar has long been out of fashion. So go for something a little more modern, like this black hoodie inspired by the anime HELLSING and its irresistible protagonist named Alucard. The hoodie is very soft and durable thanks to the high quality, thick cotton that doesn't accumulate too much bulk, doesn't roll up when you wear it and keeps you warm. A big hood will reliably protect you from wind. At the bottom of the hoodie is a spacious pocket, which has two compartments for storing the most important things. Production time from 30 days.