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A plaster sculpture with the main antagonist from the Naruto anime. Hundreds of years ago, Princess Kaguya Ootsuzuki arrived on Earth in search of the Divine Tree, but becoming attached to the planet decides to stay there. Wanting to stop the era of endless wars, Kaguya tasted the fruit of the divine tree in order to gain god-like powers. Thus the chakra was born. Years later, her son Hagoromo Ootsui began wandering the world, sharing the chakra with others and teaching them ninjutsu. It can be said that Kaguya is the main deity of the shinobi world because of whom jinchuuriki, chakra and even ninja clans appeared. And as a true deity she deserves her plaster altar, touching which you can feel, your body begins to be charged with chakra. Sold out of stock. Shipment from 2 days.


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