Embroidered hoodie made of gorgeous cotton with fleece lining. The spacious main pocket hides several pockets for storing change, keys or phones. Loose fit and quality material stay active even in colder temperatures. In order to become stronger and master Sage Mode, Naruto goes to train on Miyoboku Mountain, located in the Valley of Frogs. But when he returns back to the village of Hidden Leaf, he discovers that while he was away there was a full-scale invasion, during which the entire village was turned into ruins. The reason for this is the appearance in the village of the Akatsuki leader known as Payne. This moment will be one of the key moments in Naruto's identity development, in which he will finally prove himself as the future Hokage. After all, in this battle Naruto will defend his home village from one of the strongest opponents in the shinobi world, just as his father once stopped the Nine-Tailed Fox's attack on Hidden Leaf's village. This hoodie tells the story of the Naruto anime protagonist's way of growing up, of his transformation from an impulsive and goofy child into a real hero and protector of his village. Print NARUTO SENNIN, anime Naruto. Production time from 30 days!