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Black limited edition hoodie based on the Naruto universe. The print is dedicated to Madara. The hoodie is very soft and durable, thanks to the high quality thick cotton, it doesn't roll up during wearing and keeps you warm. A big hood will reliably protect you from wind. At the bottom of the hoodie there is a spacious pocket with two compartments for most important things. He is a great shinobi, born in an era of endless wars, and one of the founders of Hidden Leaf Village. His personality has become surrounded by many myths and legends over the decades, but no one ever thought that one day Madara would rise from the dead. And certainly no one could believe that once he returned he would declare war on the entire shinobi world at once. The battle against Madara Uchiha, who is able to stand alone against a whole army of shinobi, is one of the most powerful plot moments that gives you goosebumps. In the finale of the anime, Madara reaches the peak of his powers, proving to be the most terrifying threat the shinobi world has ever faced. As such a determined and cunning villain Uchiha Madara deserves a hoodie in his own right, telling of his unexpected return. This limited-edition hoodie from the HERITAGE collection comes in just 200 pieces. Production time from 30 days.

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