Warm and pleasant to the body hoodie made of high-quality cotton with a fleece lining. The spacious main pocket hides several small pockets for storing coins, keys or a phone. Print based on the anime Berserk. One day, high school student Light Yagami found a mysterious notebook on his way home, with which he could send any person to the next world, knowing only his name and appearance. Someone would have thrown away such a strange find, but Yagami decided to try it out in action, starting to administer justice, and getting rid of everyone who, in his opinion, deserves death. For this, people called him Kira (a derivative of Killer). But at some point, such a powerful force made him believe that he is the living embodiment of the God of death. And even people began to appear who consider Kira a new messiah and savior of the world. It was this motif that served as the idea for the hoodie, on which Yagami Light, also known as Kira, became the protagonist of the divine plots of real works of art such as Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper and Michelangelo's Creation of Adam. R (Rare) - rare cap with unique design. Limited edition of 3000 pcs. Production time from 30 days.