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Warm and soft to the body hoodie made of high-quality cotton with fleece lining. The spacious main pocket hides several small pockets inside for change, keys or phone. Loose fit lets you stay active even in cooler weather. Ichigo WHT print, anime Bleach. It's not an easy job to be a shinigami deputy: you should always be ready to put aside all your troubles and go hunting for the Void. This fate fell to Kurosaki Ichigo, an ordinary Japanese schoolboy, when he had to take over the power from Rukia in order to protect his loved ones. But if a girl from another world has not jumped through your window yet, and you don't need to waste your time running around the city in a black robe and waving a huge sword. Then, in order to feel like a real shinigami, just wear a limited edition hoodie, which depicts the main character of the anime BLEACH. And then all the dangerous blanks will know that you'd better avoid. Production time from 30 days.