Warm and comfortable hoodie made of high-quality cotton with fleece lining. The spacious main pocket hides several small pockets for change, keys or phone. Print based on the Berserk anime. Berserk is a story about how a man's will to live can be stronger than his destiny. Ever since he was born, Gatz was condemned to die, but refusing to accept this fate, he continued to fight for his life. The hard road forced Gatz to withdraw into himself and trust no one. Everything changed when he joined the Hawk Gang, where he finally met his loyal comrades-in-arms. But here, too, the protagonist faced a severe test. This hoodie tells about Gats's way of becoming, the reason for which was the betrayal of his best friend, because of which Gats lost everyone who was close to him in one fell swoop. On top of that, he finds himself branded with the seal of sacrifice, which attracts demons and apostles to the protagonist. But those don't even realize that the real victim is themselves, as Gats, known as the Black Swordsman, has made it his lifelong goal to destroy the apostles and finally avenge the betrayal. Art Director NIKIFILINI "The very subject matter of Berserk, even to the uninitiated, seems very dark, shrouded in pain, suffering and self-sacrifice. In fact it is one of the key works in the dark fantasy genre in recent years. The essence of the design is to capture that darkness by highlighting what we think are key historical moments and keeping the spirit of the manga alive - it's how we pay tribute to the great mangaka Kentaro Miura." Production time from 30 days.